Rocky(by Alex VE3NEA)

Rocky is probably the most commonly used SDR program in the Windows world.

Operating Systems

Hams have reported successfully running the Rocky SDR software on Windows XP and Windows Vista (32 bit).

Problems were encountered initially in the Windows Vista case, due to failure of Rocky to recognize the internal sound card. At least one ham, John KW7A, has managed to remedy this issue using the free Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) software (see John's messageon the Yahoo reflector).
In his message on the reflector, Ray WB6TPU explains how the VAC approach works:
"I believe Rocky is written to recognize audio drivers compatible with
MME (MultiMedia Extensions)which is the way Windows XP and earlier
handled audio.
A new and improved driver model known as WDM (Windows Driver Model) is
utilized by Vista. Rocky does not recognize the WDM audio drivers.
VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) functions as a "bridge" between the 2
worlds. It recognizes the WDM drivers used in Vista but applications
such as Rocky can access VAC using the MME protocol."

Winrad (By Alberto IPHD)

Operating Systems

Windows XP and Windows 2000.
Operation under Vista is not yet known

KGKSDR (by Duncan M0KGK)

Operating Systems Windows XP and Windows 2000.
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